Character Creation and Advancement

Creating Your Character

Ability Scores: 20 point buy.

Starting XP (medium progression): 2000 or the lowest XP in the group, whichever is higher.

Hit Points: PCs start at maximum hit points for level 1 and then gain the average hit points for their hit dice rounded up.
d6 → 4 hp
d8 → 5 hp
d10 → 6 hp
d12 → 7 hp

Starting Wealth: 7500 gp

Traits: We’re not using traits, though PCs do get a bonus skill of their choice that’s always a class skill for them.

Backstory: All characters have partial amnesia, but you can decide up to 5 things your character remembers about his past. The one thing you can’t remember anything extra about is your actual voyage or how you ended up on the expedition in the first place.

Character Creation and Advancement

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