XP Awards

Progression: Slow

Combat Awards

Acquiring XP: Combat XP is split evenly between PCs unless a player is absent from a session in which case he gets no XP. The PC need not be present in an actual battle scene to get an XP share.

Random Encounters: XP from random encounters is only 50% normal. This is to emphasize that random encounters are best avoided.

Objective XP

Objective XP: You will also attain XP for achieving objectives. Your initial objective will be simply finding information about where you are and getting closer to your ultimate goal of saving the world.

Individual awards

Individual Award Amount
Misc RP Award CR (APL-5)
Sacrifice for RP varies
Punctuality Award CR (APL – 5)
Tardiness Penalty (Full) CR (APL -4)
Gold for XP 4 XP per 1 gp
Left-out Compensation CR (APL-4)

Good Ideas: Characters that the DM believes are worthy of an especially good idea, generally related to solving a puzzle, will get bonus XP. This always is about unique situations, and never includes combat tactics or mehcanical considerations. In other words, if you come up with a good idea to say, use a fire spell, you need not be the one to execute that idea to get the XP if your character can’t cast a spell. Of course if you are capable of executing the idea, you should be the one to try it (that is the risk of failure falls on you).

Sacrifices for the sake of RP: If a character puts themselves at a meaningful disadvantage for RP reasons, it can grant individual XP. Think of this similar to how a FATE compel would work. Note that turning down monetary rewards is handled elsewhere (in the gold-for-XP system). Generally the amount of XP gained from this system covers the added difficulty added by your sacrifice.

Group MVP Award: At the end of each session a forum post will be created to vote on MVP of that session. Each PC who wants can take a vote on another PC (no voting for yourself). If no PC impressed you, you can also vote for a particularly awesome NPC if you’d like (cause why not). At the start of the next session, the individual with the most votes will collect an individual MVP award. A minimum of two PC votes are required to win regardless. In the case of two winners, the reward will be split in half and given to each. In the unlikely event that an NPC wins, he will collect an immediate bonus class level instead of just bonus XP.

Punctuality Award: A player that connects to the server on time at the designated game time will receive an XP award. This means that the player must be ready to play. Arriving and then immediately going afk for an extended period does not count as being punctual. If the DM arrives late, all players that are present before the DM will get the award (even if technically late).

Gold for XP : A player can trade in gold for XP at a rate of 1 gold piece per 3 XP. Gold traded in this fashion must be spent on something that doesn’t increase character power, but can be money given to beggars, money burned on simple pleasures, or money spent on your lifestyle/living arrangements. The important thing to note is money in this way is gone, it can’t be recovered by any means. If you somehow do recover it, you lose all XP you gained this way.

Left-out Compensation: If story reasons cause a character to be left out of the action and doesnt get to play at a session he showed up to, he will get an individual award as compensation. Keep in mind that this only applies to character’s forced out by situational means beyond the player’s control. If your character could have done something and doesn’t, that’s on you. You cannot voluntarily sit-out to try to claim this bonus.

XP Penalties

Excessive Tardiness: Players that are unexpectedly late by 30 minutes or less will take 25% of the tardiness penalty. Those who are late up to an hour will take 50% of the penalty. Being late up to 2 hours will get 75% of the penalty and longer than that will incur the whole penalty. Giving notice for your lateness will halve this penalty.

Missing a session: Missing a session entirely nets no XP for the character. it you give notice, you will still get the catch-up Xp.

Catch-up XP

At the end of each session, players that have less XP than the party member with the highest XP earn catch-up experience in the following manner.

Before new XP for the session is added, find the difference in your XP versus the top party member’s. You earn 10% of that difference, or an XP award of APL-6, whichever is greater. Obviously catch-up XP is capped at the PC with the highest XP.

Note that Gold traded for XP is not considered for determining catch-up XP, as it is a permanent loss of character power in terms of less magical items.

XP Awards

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