Excerpts from the Silver Chain archive.

At first, there was but one world, Varylys, where the first beings were born. These beings that came to be known as gods, were created from the very embodiment of Varylys. The earth, air and water of the land joined to create the gods. At first there was much strife between the gods, but they were united by a single god-king whose name is lost to time. He is simply known now as The Golden One, and perhaps that is his one true name. Others believe that he had forsaken his old names in favor of a new one upon becoming king of the gods.​The Golden One, with the help of the gods constructed the greatest city any shall ever know. The city of Nathalia. This massive city became the place where the gods lived. There The Golden One ruled over the people of Nathalia justly and fairly.

​In time some greedy gods sought to claim more than their fair share of Nathalia. Worst of these was Lolithiel, a treacherous elven goddess. Invoking a great spell of shadow magic, she murdered The Golden One, and spread his body parts throughout the lands so he could never be restored. The Golden One’s death brought with it a great cataclysm. The land of Varylys split apart, breaking into the separate islands of the modern age. The other gods punished Lolithiel, throwing her into the accursed pit of Tharuuzz, but it did not change what she had done. Nathalia was lost and the gods knew it. The gods were forced to flee and abandon Nathalia. This came with great cost. Many lost their divine blood entirely, becoming nothing nothing more than common mortals. Others had their divine powers diluted to the point of being somewhere in-between man and god. Only a small few of true gods still remained after the fall of Nathalia.​ ​Of the remaining true gods, most fled to The Beyond, the lands of lesser beings that they could seek to rule and rebuild thier power. For a long time, the shattered islands of Varylys were left to their own, a place where the children of the gods rose to power. These beings of waning divine blood could no longer cross between islands, and thus there was a long period of isolation, as each island developed separately of the others. ​

​This changed with the coming of Vella, the Purple Empress, a traveler from The Beyond, who arrived with the power of Aecrys, the remaining light of The Golden One. The power of Aecrys let her achieve wondrous things, such as constructing the first empire. But she was not the only traveller. Others, who would come to be known as Beyondlings, became a regular sight in the islands of Varylys. Vella even managed to find rifts to travel to other islands, discovering the potential to link the shattered lands of Varylys, and perhaps the power to once again find the way to the golden city of Nathalia. ​​Vella united the users of Aecrys, Aegis, Anima, even Edam served under her. Even others of the purple force, which back then was known as Vellavie, the blood of Vella, served Emperess Vella. ​ ​We all knew back then that Vella was not The Golden One, but at the time she was the hope of Varylys.

Unfortunately, she failed in her arrogance to realize the threat of the crimson ones. On her 300th anniversary of rule, she was assassinated by one of her captains that had fallen to the crimson and after that the empire rapdily fell apart. And all were witness to the failure of kings and queens and the grave danger of the crimson hunger, Edam. ​​

​Amidst the ruins, 12 years later, Lovyrin, one of Vella’s knights, found another way, a better way. The answer did not lie in one ruler, but a great chain of knights. And so it was that the Silver Chain was forged. No longer would the fate of thousands rest on a single individual king or queen. Instead, a great chain of knights would keep order. And so the Silver Chain was born. The bearers of Aegis would no longer bow before any other. The Chain would one day be the ones to restore Nathalia. ​


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