Group Loot

Name Location Found Carried By Sale Value Type
Green Stone Medallion On Awakening One per PC 50 (each) Jewelry
Belt of Dexterity +2 Silver Chain Hold Baelis Magic Item
Azurean Cutlass Sapphire Princess Shipwreck Eryk ?? Aecrys (Anima), Armament
Machine from Shipwreck Sapphire Princess Shipwreck Eryk 500 Machine, Aecrys (Anima)
Unnaturally Cold Longsword +1 Muireak Erel’ae Magical Item
MW longsword Muireak Erel’ae Armament
1 pot of invis Sapphire Princess Shipwreck Akarn Potion
Glass box with pointed sphere Sapphire Princess Shipwreck Sab’e 100 Aecrys (Anima)
​​1 potion of invisibility Barrin’s Chest Eryk Alchemical
​​1 potion of invisibility Barrin’s Chest Azias Alchemical
​​ 1 potion of invisibility Barrin’s Chest Erelae Alchemical
​​2 potions of CLW Barrin’s Chest Eryk Alchemical
potion of Vanish Barrin’s Chest Azias Alchemical
potion of Vanish Barrin’s Chest Eryk Alchemical
2 flasks of alchemists fire Barrin’s Chest Eryk Alchemical
1 tanglefoot bag Barrin’s Chest Eryk Alchemical
Smithing warhammer + 1 ( +1d6 versus objects & constructs) Guller Azias Weapon, Magical
Ring of Protection +1 Guller Azias Jewelry, Magical
MW silver longsword Guller’s Forge Erelae Weapon, Silver
Warhammer +1 Oronhold Siege Eryk Weapon, Magical
Chainmail +1 Oronhold Siege Eryk Armor, Magical
Decorative Dwarven Bracelet Oronhold Siege Azias 250 Jewelry, Dwarven
Gold Ring with Gemstone Oronhold Siege Azias 600 Jewelry, Dwarven, Gold
Assorted Gemstones Oronhold Siege Azias 500 Gemstone
Master-cut red Deepstone Oronhold Siege Akarn 5000 Gemstone
Gem-encrusted Goblet Oronhold Siege Eryk 500 Gemstone, silver, art
Circlet of Drow construction Oronhold Siege Erel’ae 500 Jewelry, Drow
Golden Eagle Medal Of Honor King Ilothar Eryk, Erel’ae, Akarn, Azias 1500 Jewelry, Gold, Ilothar’s Honor
Fey Harp King Ilothar Akarn 2000 Instrument, Magical

Sold Treasure

Self-tying Shoelaces Blackguards barracks Akarn 75 gp Magical, Novelty
White Opal Barrin’s Chest Eryk 1200 Gemstone
3 potions of CLW Sapphire Princess Shipwreck Azias, Sabe and Eryk Potion
Golden Amulet Eastern Crypt Akarn 750 Jewelry, Gold
Partially Gold Holy Symbol Eastern Crypt Eryk 150 Armament, Gold, Historic (EruZevAri)
Ornate Helm Eastern Crypt Eryk 300 Armament, Historic (EruZevAri)
Gold Locket Vilthar family Tomb Akarn 60 Jewelry, Gold
Dirty Red Ribbon Vilthar Family Tomb Akarn 500 Magical Item
MW shortsword Barrin Eryk Weapon

Gifted/Discarded/Lost treasure

6 light crossbows Blackguards HQ Erel’ae Weapon
Gold medallion that changes form Vilthar Family Tomb Keltan 1500 Jewelry, Gold, Historic (EruZevAri)
Black opal Gemstone Vilthar Family Tomb Keltan 1500 Gemstone
Ceremonial Golden Helm Vilthar Family Tomb Keltan 1000 Armament, Gold, Historic (EruZevAri)
Tarnished Silver Circlet Vilthar Family Tomb Keltan 750 Jewelry, Silver, Historic (EruZevAri)
Diamond Ring Vilthar Family Tomb Keltan 2500 Jewelry, Silver
2 Silver Rings Eastern Crypt Keltan 200 Jewelry, Silver
1 gold Ring Eastern Crypt Keltan 250 Jewelry, Gold
2 MW Longswords Silver Chain Hold Eltera Armament


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