Selaria's Note

This message was written in Terran, found in an empty chest in the Silver Chain structure near Forlorn Beach

Osseric and Caleb,

I pray that you find this letter and our inner sanctum is not breached. The warrior Baelis, who we thought a loyal link, has fallen to the crimson. He came with others of great power and I can do naught but flee with what few I can take with me and our treasures. What few I can gather are withdrawing from Sysvelt for the time being, and regrouping with our other links in Zvarsten. Unfortantely I cannot teleport everyone. I pray that you find this note and join us as well. We have lost so much already, we cannot afford to lose you too.

Osseric, I realize this is probably your first journey to Zvarsten as you were trained here on Sysvelt. So listen to these instructions carefully. First, you’ll need a pink pearl as the key to Vivivania. Hopefully you can find a jeweller somewhere that will carry one.

The entrance to Vivivania is at the northern tip of the isle of Isilmore in the Sunken Ruins of Veldiiz in the central castle’s lowest point. As you might expect, the path is underwater, so you’ll have to either bring a potion to breathe underwater or consult with the Aerneuna for help. We have always been on good terms with them, so I hope they should provide you with aid. Do not trust the Azurities, as few wish to see our order prosper and they may see our recent defeat as a sign to strike their own blows. Also make certain to avoid Ilotharium as much as possible, as old truces may no longer stand after our defeat. So you must make your own way. Conceal your identities and find an independent merchant at Thiavos and book passage to Velmithyr.

You can use the enclosed map to find your way through Blackshadow forest. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully, the unseelie are NOT to be trifled with.

If you are out of Salorvian Elixir, I advise you go to Oronhold to the south. The alchemist Nalitha knew how to craft it and is an ally of the Aegis, and should be able to aid you in brewing the potion.

Once in Vivivania, hopefully you should have minimal problems. You’ll need to find another ship to take you to the Stones of Tremel. Circle each stone individually thrice clockwise in a clockwise order, starting at the northern-most stone. You will then find your way in Zvarsten. From there I shall leave a message for you with the brothers of the Aegis so we can regroup.

One day we shall reforge the chain and regain what we lost. Above all else, no matter what rumors you may hear, no matter what lies you are told about what happened here, DO NOT TRUST THE WARRIOR.

May the Aegis protect you always,

Selaria's Note

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