Hero Class

Hero (New Base Class)

The hero is a composite class, which is composed of any two component classes (see the list below). The hero gains the abilities of both classes. Thus you could make a fighter-ranger hero or a barbarian-rogue.
Legal Component Classes:

Other classes may be allowed as component classes at the DM’s judgment, though all classes that can cast up to 5th level or greater spells are expressly disallowed. Also classes that function far better than the listed classes are also forbidden.

Alignment: Your alignment can be anything that would be legal for both of your component classes. Note that this makes certain class combinations illegal, such as barbarian-paladin.
Hit Die: You take the better of your two component classes hit dice. A fighter-rogue would use the fighter’s d10 hit dice for instance.
Starting Wealth: Choose the higher of your two component classes.

Class Skills: You gain the class skills of both component classes (though skill ranks are fixed, see below)
Skill Ranks per level: 8 + int mod
Weapon and Armor Proficiency: You get the weapon and armor proficiencies of both component classes.
Saving Throws: For each save category, you use the best of your component classes. So a fighter-rogue would have high fortitude and high reflex. Any hero class involving a monk would get all good saves. Having two classes with good saves in the same aspect does not confer an added benefit.
Base Attack Bonus: As with saving throws, you use the better progression of your two component classes.

Archetypes: You’re free to take any archetypes that you qualify for on either or both of your component classes.

Multi-classing: A hero can multi-class as normal, but be aware that you’re only allowed to take the hero class once, thus if you were a fighter-rogue hero and you wanted to take a 2 class dip in the paladin class for divine grace, you’d have to take the paladin class as your only class for those two levels, you can’t multi-class into a different kind of hero or switch your hero component classes.

Class Abilities

Component Class Abilities: You get the class abilities of both classes. The one exception is if both classes get the same ability, in which case you generally take the better progression. For instance if two classes get Uncanny dodge, you don’t get the ability twice, or get to upgrade to improved uncanny dodge faster, you just get it the earliest point. Similarly, Sneak attack progressions do not stack. If you get sneak attack from both classes you only choose the best sneak attack progression.
In the case of spellcasting, such as a paladin/ranger, you would get two separate spell slots and prepare spells separately. This would also apply to thinks like Ki pool where you use your abilities for different things. Though they’re named the same, they’re considered to be different and separate abilities much like spell slots.

Hero Enhancement: At levels 5, 10 and 15, you get enhancement bonuses to all your ability scores. At level 5, this is a +2 enhancement bonus, at level 10, it rises to +4. And finally at level 15 it becomes a +6. The bonus does not grow beyond +6.

Hero Class

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