Sea of Dragons

Session 9


Day 9 morning to Day 10
Short Synopsis

The PCs learn what was aquired at the library. Then proceed to the Beach and the Silver Chain Temple nearby. They encounter a group of gnols on the way.

XP earned breakdown

Info from the library: 1200 XP
6 gnolls: 2400
3 hyenas: 1200

Group Award (4 PCs present + 1 doll): 1020 XP

Catch-Up XP

Eryk: 200 XP
Sabe: 50 XP
Baelis: 200 XP
Keltan: 0 XP
Eltera: 200 XP
Kala: 200 XP


Tab: 400 XP
Sachi: 400 XP

Other Individual Awards


Gold for XP

Character Summary

Characters XP Awarded Cash for XP
Eryk 1220 0
Sab’e of the Lash 1470 0
Baelis 200 0
Keltan 1420 0
Eltera 1220 0
Kala 200 0

Treasure Summary

Item Location Found .Description Carried by
Mordidly Decorative Gnoll Head Shining Plains Fresh off a real gnoll Eryk


Name Unfortunate Effects Saves Made

NPC Summary

Name Race Profession Notes/Conditions Attitude
??? Gnoll Hunter / Professional Random Encounter Got ass kicked Hostile



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