Sea of Dragons

Session 8


Day 8 afternoon to Day 8 Midnight (At library reading until morning)
Short Synopsis

The PCs explore Oronhold.

XP earned breakdown

Miscellaneous RP: 2000 XP

Group Award (5 PCs present): 400 XP

Catch-Up XP

Everyone that isn’t Baelis – 150 XP


Sabe: 200 XP
Keltan: 200 XP
Eltera: 200 XP
Kala: 200 XP


Eryk: -200 XP

Other Individual Awards


Gold for XP

Eryk (5 gp): 15 XP
Eltera (lantern 50 gp + 2 gp): 156 XP
*Kala (580 GP): 1740 XP

Character Summary

Characters XP Awarded Cash for XP
Eryk 350 15
Sab’e of the Lash 750 0
Baelis 0 0
Keltan 750 0
Eltera 750 156
Kala 750 1740

Treasure Summary

Item Location Found .Description Carried by
MW battle axe Purchased from Guller Keltan
Kala – 10 days stay at a noble house Includes pass to Sonn Quarter Kala


Name Unfortunate Effects Saves Made

NPC Summary

Name Race Profession Notes/Conditions Attitude
Nisha human Alchemist? gave away free potion Friendly
Aelan human Alchemist? brother of Nisha, made potion Friendly
Vindor dwarf Proprietor Owner of Vindor’s Everyday Elixirs Friendly, knows Eltera isn’t a slave
Guller dwarf Smith Owner of Guller’s Forge Friendly, knows Eltera isn’t a slave



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