Sea of Dragons

Session 4


Day 3 morning to Day 5 morning (ended with group waking up, Kelten getting afflicted by disease and Eltera wanting to check thye chimney for a late start)
Short Synopsis

The characters make it to the abandoned Silver chain tower and slay the rabid Crimson gnoll, discovering a glimmer well and nearly suck it dry.

XP earned breakdown

Secured a Glimmer Well: 1200
Crimson Gnoll: 800
Crimson Rat: 400

Group Award (5 PCs present): 480 XP
Individual Awards

Sab’e – Learned Draw From well: 400 XP
Eryk – Learned Glimmer Sight, Draw From well: 800 XP
Keltan – Learned Glimmer Sight, Draw From Well, Impart Glimmer: 1200 XP
Eltera – Learned Glimmer Sight, Draw From well, Impart Glimmer: 1200 XP
Baelis – Learned Glimer Sight, Draw From Well: 800 XP

Character Summary

Characters XP Awarded
Eryk 1280
Baelis 1280
Khalil 0
Keltan 1680
Sab’e of the Lash 880
Eltera 1680

Treasure Summary

Item Location Found .Description Carried by
MWK Silver longsword Tower Eltera
3 Iron Medallions Tower Dresser seem to be silver chaiin holy symbols Eryk
MWK greatsword Gift from Ratkin Kinda dirty Keltan


Name Unfortunate Effects Saves Made
Filth Fever Keltan Dexterity and Con damage 0

NPC Summary

Name Race Profession Notes/Conditions Attitude



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