Sea of Dragons

Session 11


Day 11 late morning to Day 11 midnight
Short Synopsis

The PCs study at the library, and teach Kala how to use Aegis. Eltera reads Selaria’s Note found in the chest. The PCs are attacked by a strange earth elemental creature.

XP earned breakdown

Edam infused Earth Elementals: 4800 XP

Group Award (6 PCs present + 1 doll): 686 XP

Other Individual Awards

Gold for XP

XP Totals

Character Eryk Sabe Baelis Keltan Eltera Kala
Catch-up 138 75 171 75 0 227
Punctuality -200 -200 0 200 200 200
Total 624 561 171 961 886 1113

Treasure Summary

Item Location Found .Description Carried by
Library Library Activates knowledge skills Read by all


Name Unfortunate Effects Saves Made

NPC Summary

Name Race Profession Notes/Conditions Attitude



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