Sea of Dragons

Session 10


Day 10 afternoon to Day 11 late morning.
Short Synopsis

The PCs get a rematch with the Ooze and explore the depths of the structure on the beach. Keltan’s MW greatsword was broken, Eltera’s silver sword was destoryed and her other longsword was broken.

XP earned breakdown

Ooze: 1600 XP
2 Statue Guardians: 1600 XP
Accessing the Well and Vault: 2400 XP

Group Award (6 PCs present + 1 doll): 800 XP

Catch-Up XP

Eryk: 182 XP
Sabe: 0 XP
Baelis: 182 XP
Keltan: 0 XP
Eltera: 100 XP
Kala: 244 XP


Keltan: 135 XP
Sab’e: 135 XP
Kala: 135 XP
Eryk: -135 XP
Baelis: 135 XP

Other Individual Awards

Eryk – Pacifying the Spectre: 600 XP
Eltera – Pacifying the Spectre: 600 XP

Gold for XP

Character Summary

Characters XP Awarded Cash for XP
Eryk 1447 0
Sab’e of the Lash 935 0
Baelis 1117 0
Keltan 935 0
Eltera 1500 0
Kala 1179 0

Treasure Summary

Item Location Found .Description Carried by
6325 Silver Pieces Treasure Room Chest Party
1 gold peice Treasure Room Chest Mysterious only gold coin in chest of silver ?
Map Treasure Room details path through a forest, along with instructions in Terran Eryk
Parchment Treasure Room Note written in Terran Eryk
2 MW Long swords Guardian Statues Eltera


Name Unfortunate Effects Saves Made

NPC Summary

Name Race Profession Notes/Conditions Attitude
??? Spectre Former Silver Chain Member Pacified and disappeared -



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